The agricultural Alhama in the kitchen

Our town is a town of farmers, which gives your kitchen essential ingredients like chickpeas being used the most tipical dish of Alhama also known as “olla jameña” by the natives.

Examples of the rich and varied cuisine of Alhama, is the fact that they feed from the pulses of their land ( chickpeas, lentils), as well as the animals that graze their fields, there is a wide range of pork products, also kid goat, and goat. Locally made cheeses, the finest wines and extensive pastries.

Alhama, has an excellent agriculture, producing an extraordinary extra virgin olive oil. From their land they extract almonds with those that they make the exquisite almond pasta.

New quality wines from the winery of Alhama are now consumed worldwide, with the protected designation of origin, and the traditional "local wines" “vinos del terreno” that year after year they use the traditional techniques from each family of Alhama.

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